Our Process


We believe that to deliver great results, you have to think strategically, and execute creatively. Our process is tailored per project but consists of the same basic approach. It’s outlined here, but a creative process isn’t a linear one, so this is subject to change; however, the goals we set to accomplish won’t.


We immerse ourselves in your environment and discover as much as we can to inform our decisions along the way. We’ll work with you to understand how your story, company, aesthetic, and audience, align with your desired brand. We also independently research your audience, industry, and any competitors to identify commonalities and differences that could inspire potential solutions or opportunities. We keep our minds open to as much information as possible. Nothing is off limits. 


In this phase we start narrowing our focus down to the essentials. Part of this step requires some time and space to absorb information and let ideas surface. Based on everything we learn during our research, we strategically establish creative and technical approaches that address your challenges in an authentic way. This involves setting the tone for how we express your brand and gathering references that fit that expression; as well as sketching prototypes for possible concepts. The ideas are rough, but the direction is defined. 


With a clear concept in mind, we begin crafting and/or prototyping your design system to demonstrate how it should be applied. Which includes testing that system on the deliverables we plan to build; going through up to two rounds of revisions to evaluate our decisions. All of which is obsessively crafted to fit with your aesthetics and our defined strategy.


The last step is focused on implementation. This entails fine-tuning our deliverables and providing them in a way that best serves your needs. Depending on your needs and goals, we typically remain available after delivery or launch to make sure everything meets your expectations.

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