Great companies are built on vision and passion; they innovate and inspire — IF they’re able to tell their story in a way that connects people to their values and purpose.

At Temper, we know that what drives a company’s brand isn’t always easy to distill into something concrete. That’s why we work closely with all of our clients to understand what they do, how they do it, and most importantly, why they do it; then we establish and organize the visual and verbal components that will enhance their audience’s experience of their brand.

What we do

We provide organized, logical design systems that will grow with your company long term.

We rely on a measured, detail oriented approach to each project that makes us a true extension of the teams we work with. Our transparent creative process ensures we understand and address everything from organizational shortcomings to how a company’s brand should look and feel.


Strategy Development

Brand strategy might sound vague, but what we’re really talking about is helping define what your brand needs to be, say, and stand for in order to connect with the appropriate audience.

Interface & Experience

Once we settle on the right strategy, we work with you to develop and organize the visual identity, design system, and messaging that will bring your brand to life.

How we do it

We encourage our clients to think big, then help you organize and build your brand. We evaluate the wants, determine the needs, and deliver the tools to turn audiences into advocates.

By keeping our core values top of mind, we ensure that we deliver compelling work based on your needs.


We are curious and considerate on each project because we crave organization and clarity. We want to build true foundational elements that are logical, reasonable, and ready for growth.


Creativity is our passion and we apply it to every aspect of every project. We want to deliver great brand design systems that push boundaries and deliver tangible results for our clients.


We’re helping you build the core elements of your company’s connection to the outside world. It’s a process that requires an attentive approach to communication and collaboration.

Who We Are

/ Designer / Director

Russel Quadros

Russel is the founder of Temper and a multi-disciplinary designer with over 20 years experience in branding and interactive design.

/ Writer / Strategist

Dan Nehring

Dan is a skilled copywriter and brand strategist, as well as an experienced marketing director with a demonstrated history in the consumer goods industry.