iR Talent

Services provided:

Brand Identity Redesign
Website Design
Art Direction

We helped re-establish the core brand elements, from name and logo to colors and type, that set iR Talent apart from competitors in the staffing industry. Bringing consistency to the iR Talent brand has helped attract candidates looking for a relationship-driven (not algorithmic) recruiting process to help them secure their dream job.


Understanding the challenge

Interactive Resources had an outdated, static website in need of a refresh. In addition, whether looking at typefaces, colors, or even the logo itself, it was clear that their actual brand identity lacked consistency. Not knowing what’s best for you makes it even more difficult to convince others that you know what’s best for them. In the staffing industry, that’s not good. Interactive Resources came to Temper with a desire to improve their marketing and design a website that offered job seekers a better experience.


Fig 1. - Our brand and competitive audit

Defining a strategic approach

We knew the website was top priority. We also knew that the site itself would only be as good as the sum of its parts, and if those parts didn’t work in concert with one another, nothing was going to change. That made performing a brand and competitive audit our first step (fig. 1); we needed to understand what the competitive landscape looked like and let it help us determine how to make Interactive Resources standout, before we could begin the process of defining and developing any visual assets.


Fig 2. - Exploring a visual strategy

Once we completed the brand audit, we dove into the visual assets. Starting with bringing consistency to the logo, which often appeared with or without a blue square, and paired with different typefaces. We settled on a new typeface with visual similarities to the logo itself, and stuck with their existing color palette (but with a new hierarchy for usage) — both choices that would start to improve their visual brand recognition within the industry (fig. 2).

Bringing it all together

With the core elements in place, we moved onto the visual framework of the new website, designing a sitemap and wireframes to match the user-focused job search features that Interactive Resources was building (fig. 3). Then iteratively working through element collages that spoke to the visual interactions and experience of the website (fig. 4). This mapping and exploration process also led to an evolution of the brand name, from Interactive Resources to iR Talent, to match not only the domain they had been using, but also the growth and direction of the company (fig. 5).


Fig 3. - Iterating through wireframes to define functionality


Fig. 4 - Defining components with element collages


Fig. 5 - Final identity and basic guidelines


With the website design complete and a solid brand identity in place, we handed the reigns over to the iR Talent development team for implementation and buildout.


/ Team involved

Design & Direction — Russel Quadros
Website DevelopmentHammock Creative