Services provided:

UI/UX Design
Art Direction
Website Design

We elevated the StudioHop brand by redesigning their online portal to rival that of their competitors, with a consistent visual brand language and improved experience for their membership.


Understanding the challenge

StudioHop was in a very unique position as the only service in the South Central area of the United States. Though to maintain market share before their larger competitors entered their region, they had to rebuild and rethink their digital presence. Currently, their backend tool wasn’t keeping up with their popularity and the ease of use that customers were expecting/wanting; and even though they had a logo they liked (fig. 1), their brand identity didn’t have a visual language that translated clearly into their online experience.


Fig. 1 - Existing StudioHop logo

Defining interactions and styles

While employed at nGen Works, we worked on redesigning the entire user experience from the ground up. We explored and refined the user flow by signing up and learning about their service, as well as their competitors. Then building out wireframes that defined all the features they needed (fig. 2); as well as designing specific components to experiment with how their visual language could be presented (fig. 3).


Fig. 2 - Wireframes to determine user flow, features, and functionality


Fig. 3 - Designing different design components and interactions

Public-facing website


Member-facing website

/ Team involved

Creative Direction — Ben Jordan
Art Direction, UI/UX Design — Russel Quadros
Development — Caleb Sylvest + Chase Hilbert @ Spacetime