Services provided:

UI/UX Design
Art Direction

We worked collaboratively, and designed iteratively, to deliver consistent UI designs for development of this city guide app.


Project overview

IntoGo helps people find things to do in their city, learning their personal preferences through a simple, gesture-based app. IntoGo is based in Jacksonville, FL, and used the city as its initial test market. The app makes personalized recommendations by learning user interests and matching them with nearby things to do.

The concept for the app was in development for over 4 years. Initially, the team at IntoGo worked with local digital agencies to consult and develop the app’s primary UX while a marketing agency designed their basic brand identity (FIG. 1). After hiring a full-time development team and working through iterations, IntoGo realized they lacked a primary UI/UX design lead. With preliminary wireframes in hand, a basic brand identity, iconography, and an initial screen design, Temper was tasked with fleshing out the entire app’s UI, and improving on the early UX strategy.


Fig. 1 - Examples of pre-existing logo guidelines and wireframes

Design and direction

Defining interactions and styles

Temper worked closely with the IntoGo development team over the course of 8 months, designing screens and features, providing assets, and constantly improving interactions to get the app to its beta stage by late Fall 2016.


The app launched to the public in November 2016 with great press and over 6,000 downloads in its first two months.