Joseph’s Pizza

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Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Creative Direction
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We designed a contemporary, yet nostalgic identity that authentically reflected the brand of a long-time, family-owned pizzeria. With a new visual aesthetic and design system in place, they are now set up to build and grow their brand.


Joseph’s Pizza is the oldest pizzeria in Jacksonville, Florida; opened in 1956 as part of the early boom of pizza places around the country. After “Joseph” Bateh passed away (fig. 1), his wife, daughters, and granddaughter, continued to manage the restaurant, growing his legacy to two locations.


Fig. 1 - Honoring the man that started it all

Understanding the challenge

With a small electrical fire at their original location as motivation, and their 60 year anniversary on the horizon, they hired local architecture firm Content Modern to begin a full renovation of their interior (fig. 2), and engaged us to work in parallel to redesign their brand identity.

The restaurants have a loyal customer following, that for decades, have made it a local dining tradition passed on from generation to generation. Maintaining that nostalgia was a key part of their brand. The family knew that refreshing their space and brand would pull in a new, different clientele, but they didn’t want to compromise their history or alienate their loyal customers.


Fig 2. - Renderings of new interiors

Understanding the brand

Defining interactions and styles

We started with the family, asking questions that gave us insight into their history, story, and vision for the future. Our time spent with each family member revealed key elements of the Joseph’s brand (fig. 3) that centered on nostalgia for family and food as well as the sense of belonging that comes from sharing a meal with those closest to you.

With a better understanding of the brand, we turned our attention to competitors in the area and the qualities that make Joseph’s unique. We presented the family with suggestions for their brand belief, a comparison of other restaurants in the space, and strategies for differentiating themselves in a crowded market (fig. 4). From a visual standpoint, we felt that mid-century modern influences, from typography and colors to overall style, fit well with Joseph’s past and could carry the brand into the future.


Fig. 3 - Family insights


Fig. 3 -  Presenting our research and recommendations

Implementing the design system

The family decided on a typographic solution with a mid-century modern influence and that drew inspiration from the original sign that has hung above Joseph’s for decades.

With that direction, our design system took stylistic cues from the type and colors of the 1950s and 60s. The inclusion of these elements captured the nostalgia the family wanted to protect while simultaneously introducing a friendly, modern style that would give the brand room to grow.

With a system in place, we implemented it throughout the key touch points of the restaurant: menus, apparel, packaging, interiors, and of course, their online presence.


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