Shula’s Steak House

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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Collateral Design
Art Direction

We helped a national fine-dining restaurant redefine its core branding to preserve a legacy and align with a fresh, updated dining experience.

Shula's Steak House logo header

Understanding the challenge

Shula’s Steak House is a nationally recognized fine-dining restaurant. For over 30 years, the star power of their namesake, legendary football coach Don Shula, helped attract an audience. However, as their core customer base matured and changed, they remained the same.

The introduction of a new leadership team brought renewed focus on simplifying service offerings and elevating the restaurant experience to align with modern fine-dining expectations. The challenge for a legacy brand like Shula’s is continuing to meet the expectations of a maturing core audience while remaining relevant and appealing to new customers.

Shula's Steak House old website
Old Shula's logo

Fig 1. - Old branding for Shula’s

Reintroducing the excellence of Shula’s to the next generation of customers meant addressing the experience of everything — from the brand identity and website, to food and physical restaurant locations.

Designing a solution

Defining the approach

We developed a brand story that moved away from celebrating Don Shula’s achievements in favor of honoring the coaching philosophy that brought him success. That philosophy centered on careful execution, high-standards, and practicing to perfection.

Industry research, competitive analysis, and understanding of the team’s vision for their new brand yielded a sophisticated new identity. We created a design system that allows them, and future franchisees, to consistently apply the new Shula’s Steak House brand across all customer and employee touchpoints.

Shula's Steak House formal logo lockup
Shula's Steak House logo colors
Shula's Steak House business cards
Shula's Steak House dinner and wine by the glass menu icon
Shula's Steak House beverage and dessert menu icons
Shula's Steak House dinner menu cover
Shula's Steak House knife block
Shula's Steak House open dinner menu
Animated GIF of a smoked Manhattan at Shula's Steak House
Photo of a Manhattan and bar menu at Shula's Steak House
Studio photo of Shula's Steak House menu covers
Studio photo of Shula's Steak House menu covers
Studio photo of Shula's Steak House menu covers
Studio photo of Shula's Steak House menu covers
Shula's Steak House dinner menu
Shula's Steak House beverage book menu
Shula's Steak House dessert menu
Shula's Steak House coasters
Shula's Steak House togo bag
Shula's brand guidelines
Rendering mockup of Shula's Steak House restaurant
/ Team involved

Design & Direction — Russel Quadros
Strategy & Writing — Dan Nehring