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Website Design

We helped redesign the brand identity experience for an Asana integration that makes meetings more efficient.


Understanding the challenge

Uniteable launched in 2015 and has enjoyed success as the only meeting organization tool featured on the Asana integrations page. That placement helped drive growth, but complacency over time resulted in a decrease in customer retention and growth. The team at Uniteable approached us to help rethink their brand, and position them for growth.

Uniteable old website
Uniteable old webapp

Fig 1. - Old designs for Uniteable

Designing a solution

Defining the approach

After a brand identity audit and competitive analysis, we determined that growth would come from focusing on the Asana user base rather than extending the messaging beyond the Asana environment. Instead of trying to integrate with the myriad of project management tools, we would reposition Uniteable as the premiere tool for teams using Asana to get the most out of their meetings.

We redesigned Uniteable’s brand identity to align with the expectations of Asana users; it needed to feel like part of the software itself rather than just another integration. Choosing a brand design aesthetic that felt familiar and accessible, we focused on Uniteable’s website design, simplifying the user experience and adding a dynamic explainer video that guides people through the key features of using Uniteable.

Uniteable logo construction detail
Uniteable web pages
Uniteable UI elements

Fig 2. - Visual direction for UI updates

Uniteable’s brand positioning establishes them as a leading Asana integration that feels like a natural, essential extension of the software itself. If Asana users want to get the most out of their meetings, they need Uniteable.

Visit the live site: uniteable.io

/ Team involved

Design & Direction — Russel Quadros
Strategy & Writing — Dan Nehring
Explainer VideoWatch & Key Motion Studio
Website DevelopmentDennis Eusebio