Wick: A Candle Bar

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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Collateral Design
Art Direction
Website Design

We developed the brand identity for a new, scent-driven candle pouring experience in Jacksonville, Florida’s historic San Marco neighborhood.


Understanding the challenge

The team at Wick: A Candle Bar came to Temper with plans to open a sensory-driven retail experience that allows customers to pour their own natural soy wax candles and customize sprays, oils, reed diffusers, and body care products. Their idea was clear, but they needed help turning Wick into a brand that would bring their vision to life. 

After thorough industry research and competitive analysis, we determined that Wick had an opportunity to set itself apart in a crowded market (outside of Jacksonville) by creating a sophisticated brand identity and strong brand story. Getting the details of the brand positioning right would enhance the in-store experience and provide the Wick team with the visual and verbal foundation to guide future growth.

Wick A Candle Bar logo

Fig 1. - Formal logo lockup

Designing a solution

Defining the approach

We designed the identity based on “connections” which is the purpose of a wick; to connect fuel to fire. The logo design replaces parts of the letters with a simple line that represents a “wick”. The “wick” completes each letter as it does a candle. The final brand logo is crisp and contemporary; each letter is custom, and the varied weight mimics the relationship between light and dark, as well as wax to wick.

From a brand story perspective, Wick’s focus is on scent. The like or dislike of a scent is often based on memory and emotion. The Wick story emphasizes the importance of connecting customers to a scent (or combination of scents) remembered or discovered. After customers create a custom scent they like, they’ll remember Wick every time they get a whiff.

Wick primary logo

Fig 2. - Primary logo

Wick shorthand logo

Fig 3. - Shorthand logo

Soy Candles and Room Spray icons for Wick
Fragrance Oils and Reed Diffuser icons for Wick
Body Care and Body Mist icons for Wick

Fig 4. - Iconography


Fig 5. - Label mockups


The new brand design translates across all customer and employee touchpoints, establishing Wick as a brand that’s serious about scent and service.

Visit them online: wickacandlebar.com

/ Team involved

Design & Direction — Russel Quadros
Strategy & Writing — Dan Nehring