Branding for the Food & Hospitality industry.

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CuliVino Hospitality Mgmt.

We customized a Squarespace website for Moxie Kitchen & Cocktails, refined their IA and UX, and redesigned any integrated tools. This provided their internal marketing team with a solution that is easier to maintain, and an improved experience for their customers.

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Lincoln Loop & Wharton

We worked in partnership with the teams at Lincoln Loop and Wharton School of Business, on the UI/UX for an internal educational training tool. 

Bureau of Digital logo

Bureau of Digital

We provide ongoing design consultation and execution to support events for the Bureau of Digital, a peer-based community for people who lead digital agencies, teams, projects and products.

Native Sun Natural Foods Market logo

Native Sun Natural Foods Mkt.

We were involved in the initial rebrand of the local grocery chain, as well as the design of early marketing strategy and marketing materials. We’ve worked on and off with their marketing team to continue developing their brand.

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Lincoln Loop & UNICEF

We worked closely with the teams at Lincoln Loop and Unicef, to create a new visual brand used to promote their RapidPro for Health product. We explored visual solutions, then designed components and page templates for a marketing website.


Fervent & Samsung

We contracted with Fervent to design corporate sales and marketing collateral for Samsung, to promote and guide training for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and Samsung Galaxy S9.